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Our gift to you, an hour of deep relaxation and introspection: Yin inspired by the element of water. Playable on any device from the
comfort of your own home.

Join this class to…


Clear negative attachments and get in touch with the element of Water to release fear and doubt.


Balance the energetic body and release blockages and stagnation - let the Water (and life) flow again!


Re-energise yourself by cleansing the Urinary Bladder and Kidney Meridians (energetic pathways).

Your Teachers

Didier Meynders

Yoga Teacher RYT 800

The first time I did Yin yoga was in 2015. During this class it became clear to me that yin yoga is completely my thing. Immediately after class I went to the teacher and asked where I could do a course. 3 months later I started the training. In 2017 I left for India where I trained other teachers as yin yoga teachers. With 2000+ teaching hours, yin yoga is for me the ideal yoga form to relax, to get in touch with my body, and from there to turn inward.

Talor Clarke

Yoga Teacher RYT 500

Yin Yoga gave me a completely new way to connect to myself and my body. Before Yin, I was stressed, impatient, and I didn’t love and appreciate my body – I found it so hard to slow down! Yin helped me transform my relationship to myself, and I wanted to learn more, so early 2019 I headed to India for my Yin teacher training, and have been teaching it ever since! It is an invaluable tool to help strengthen your sense of self, heal from old traumas, and re-relate to your body and mind.

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